Natural gas fuels are the leading alternative drive-train for fleet trucks, buses and vans in the U.S today. The services offered by Redmark enable vehicles to operate on these clean, inexpensive fuels. Our quality services make sure that fleet natural gas fuels programs are successful.  


National Drop Ship and Parts Supply Program

Redmark is among a limited number of Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier program partners. Ford only offers its CNG and LPG vehicles through QVM partners. For other on-highway applications, such as General Motors, and specialty vehicles, Redmark is a distributor for leading aftermarket fueling systems. We have other OEM vehicle relationships such as Tug Manufacturing and Bridgeport truck bodies.

Each vehicle produced at Redmark goes through OEM detailed quality control procedures. All components and their installation procedures meet applicable emissions, safety and other codes and standards including EPA and NFPA-52. In addition, we are a NHTSA registered vehicle modifier.

Order your CNG or LPG vehicles through select Rocky Mountain Region GM and Ford dealers or your dealer or leasing company of choice in other areas of the US. When ordering Ford fleet vehicles, you can order through your dealer with our drop ship code (found on our Ford QVM Vehicle Brochure, here) to have your vehicle upfit by Redmark. Once the OEM base vehicle is shipped to and upfit by Redmark, we deliver it on-time and ready for work to the dealer. The OEM maintains the powertrain limited warranty for the vehicle and Redmark and its authorized dealers maintain the warranty for gaseous fuel system components.

Redmark’s select Rocky Mountain Region Ford dealers (typically, with gaseous fuel prep trucks in stock, in-house commercial fleet departments, and CNG/LPG trained service staff):

Our parts warehouse supports our fleet vehicle customers and OEM dealerships with fittings, components and supplies unique to the industry.


Regional Vehicle & Specialty Services

Redmark has ASE master and CNG/LPG certified technicians on staff to meet vehicle fueling system repair and maintenance needs. We also provide training and support to select OEM vehicle dealership service departments. Our technicians are CSA certified to provide CNG tank and fuel system inspections. Tank inspections are required every 3 years, 36,000 miles or in the event of damage. To avoid the high cost of towing an out-of-fuel CNG vehicle to a station or fleet yard, we provide roadside fueling services. In addition, vehicle pickup and delivery services are available from Redmark.