WE SUPPORT your Vehicle and Station Parts Needs.

Natural gas fuels are the leading alternative drive-train for fleet trucks, buses and vans in the U.S today. Fleets and fueling station operators run round-the-clock. Our national parts supply and team of trained technicians and parts specialists stand ready to support your repair and maintenance needs.

We operate a parts warehouse with unique fittings, components and supplies specific to the industry. Recently, we expanded our regional parts warehouse, technical support and delivery service to a national footprint. This includes many hard-to-find new and used parts as well as rebuild and fabrication services needed for repair of many types of CNG vehicles and stations.

Redmark's national parts supply makes sure that your fleet natural gas programs and fueling stations are successful.


Part Supply

We specialize in supplying unique fittings, components, and other parts to meet everyday repair and maintenance needs of CNG and LPG vehicles as well as CNG fueling stations. We stock many of these parts for use by our team and local customers. So, we know which parts to select for each repair and maintenance job.

Redmark is now offering this combination of part supply and know-how on a national level. If we don't have the part you need, we know were to get it or can refer you to another supplier. We also carry used and new parts for legacy CNG and LPG vehicle fuel systems, in some cases dating back ten years or more.

Our team directly delivers to fleet customers and repair shops in the Colorado Front Range area, often the same day the part is ordered. For all other areas in the US we ship by UPS or other timely freight services to meet your deadlines.


Technical Support

We provide "smart parts." This means you can call us to not only source the part you need but to get our advice on which part best meets your need. This includes the applicability of national standards and codes. Our parts specialists and technicians have been installing the right parts for years on thousands of gaseous fuel vehicles and dozens of CNG fueling stations.

Our expertise extends to whether a new part, a used part, or a rebuilt part is the most cost-effective solution for your repair or maintenance need. In addition, this team can provide you guidance about how we can couple fabrication of structures or components with parts supply to solve your challenges.

You can reach our team members from 7am-4pm, Mountain Time, Monday thru Friday. Alternatively you can reach us via the web at info@redmarkcng.com.


Rebuild Services

Redmark's facility also includes a metal fabrication and machine shop, component rebuild center, and loading dock, forklifts and other equipment necessary for handling parts and assemblies for CNG and LPG vehicles and CNG fueling stations.

This facility also supports select natural gas components and rebuild needs for the natural gas industry. These services range from wellhead to pipeline to utility requirements, such as valve assembly rebuilds.

We have recently added rebuild and refurbishment services for CNG fuel delivery trailers used for drill site power systems, virtual pipeline systems, and other natural gas delivery applications. This includes complete disassembly and reassembly of the high-pressure gas storage vessels, piping systems, valves and other components to support DOT recertification and general maintenance for the trailers.


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