Experience.  Reliability.  Customer Service.

The team at Redmark reflects the values that our founder has learned over years of taking care of each customer, fulfilling commitments to deliver quality work on schedule. The company breathes a passion for natural gas fuels, which is reflected by the fact that many Redmark customers have been our team's customers for decades. 

In an unreliable world, there is nothing as refreshing as customer service, reliability and expertise. Redmark is the best partner a fleet can have, whether it’s ensuring their vehicles run each day on natural gas fuels or the fueling stations always dispense fuel. The Redmark team understands that fleet vehicles can never miss a roll-out. We got this.

Kris Kielty founded Redmark in 2016 to be the leading service company in the natural gas fuels industry. He began his career in 1990 with Natural Fuels (a subsidiary of Xcel Energy) and quickly became one of the best vehicle and fueling station technicians – admired by OEM partners and customers alike.

When Natural Fuels was purchased and combined with another company to create Blue Energy in 2000, Kris held manager roles in vehicle and fueling station operations. Later as Blue Energy was merged with others creating Clean Energy Fuels, the vehicle operations were spun-out to become FuelTek and Kris was its Director of Operations.

Ward Alternative Energy purchased FuelTek in 2013 and Kris was VP Operations until his departure in the spring of 2016. Redmark then purchased the Ward vehicle services division and Kris immediately began expanding and adding other services.

Along the way, Kris participated in creating codes and standards for the industry such as the National Fire Protection Association Code 52. He understands that safety is a critical element to any alternative fuels fleet program. Today he is President of Redmark, leading the company with over 25 years of natural gas fuels industry experience.

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