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Decades of Hard Work

Backed by deep experience in the natural gas fuels industry since 1990, Redmark is the Rocky Mountain Region's #1 provider of vehicle and fueling station services. We have supported thousands of vehicles and dozens of fueling stations for hundreds of fleets. We also offer a national vehicle drop ship and parts supply program, and are very active in the development of financial incentives and industry standards.

Vehicle Services:

Fuel system OEM and aftermarket installations, service, parts, dealership training, and roadside assistance. We are a Ford QVM, have OEM relationships with Tug and others, and distribute for Altec-Eco, Landi Renzo, AGA and other quality fuel system developers.

Station & Fueling Services:

Operation and maintenance contracts, remote monitoring, 24/7 support, and facility upgrades/new builds for your fueling station as well as our Fuel for Work Partnership. Redmark's many supplier relationships are key to its support of customer fueling stations. Examples include Ariel, ANGI, Atlas Copco, GE, J-W Power, Parker and OPW.

Our customers describe us with words like reliable, knowledgeable, partner. We describe our customers as cost-effective, sustainability leader, smart.


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