Natural gas fuels are the leading alternative drive-train for fleet trucks, buses and vans in the U.S today. We make sure our customer fueling stations meet the daily fueling needs of each vehicle. Our quality services make sure that fleet natural gas fuels programs are successful.  


Fueling Station Services

Redmark offers flexible O&M (operation and maintenance) contracts for public and private CNG stations. Customers may choose the types of service that best meet their needs including routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance, call-outs, and repairs. Our technicians are highly trained and are provided fully stocked service trucks.

We operate a parts warehouse and machine shop to support the fieldwork conducted by our technicians. Call-out systems and internet-based equipment interface systems at each station provide alerts, reports, and analysis. Our central theme is 24/7 support so that CNG fleet vehicles never miss a roll-out.


Specialty Support

Our parts warehouse supports both our vehicle and fueling station customers with fittings, components and supplies unique to the industry. Our training services support customers and vehicle dealerships that sell natural gas vehicles. To avoid the high cost of towing an out-of-fuel CNG vehicle to a station or fleet yard, we provide roadside and back-up fueling services.

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